Technology & System Architecture

Platform Support


Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and above

System Architechture

Back End Integration Server
This module is responsible for translating biller data file , byte for byte, into the data fields required for the database. The information parser component interfaces with the biller's existing billing system. The parser extracts the relevant billing information from the legacy billing systems data formats, including fixed length, data tagged, Xerox Line Mode or other file formats. The key point is that the billing information for electronic bill presentment is taken directly from the biller's existing format, the biller does not need to make any upgrades or changes. The core technology is custom middleware, developed with Visual Studio.


Application Server
The application server takes care of the business logic, data storing and archiving, marketing tools, payment gateways etc.


e-Biller Database
The application server stores the information in three proprietary databases. Database platform used is MSSQL. The solution has database dedicated to online-data, usage data, historical data.


Presentation Server
The presentation server, which displays bill data to the customer, is IIS web server. It supports HTML, XML and Email Display options.


The eBiller design uses SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for security. This is the standard security measure used for the most secure data transfers over the web, based on public key/private key encryption technology.


Information Analysis Tools
These components operate on the e-Biller database to provide clients with detailed reports on their online customers, so that the data can be aggregated and analyzed to provide valuable marketing and payment analysis information to e-Biller clients. These reports can be customized to client needs. Beside, the system provides real-time reporting features and drilled down reports along with adhoc reportings.

Technology & System Architecture

Call Billing
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